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We worship at 11:00 am each Sunday morning. Worship lasts about one hour. Since we are only a few weeks old, we are still working to develop our worship format; our goal is to be casual, welcoming, and contemporary. At Life Springs Church you will find overhead screens where song lyrics are displayed so you can join in singing even if the song is new to you. You will find a preacher who does not wear a tie, who may use different methods to make a point, and always strives to make the message of God applicable to your daily life. You will find people who live, work, and play in the Pike County community, who have a love for Christ and for each other. Most importantly, you will experience worship where God will speak to you and your situation.

Come as you are! At Life Springs we want you to be comfortable so that you can enjoy the worship service and concentrate on connecting to God. If you like to dress up, you can dress up. If you prefer more casual clothes, like jeans or sneakers, you can wear those too. Life Springs is about people seeking a real experience with God and we think that what you wear is secondary. More important is that we hope you bring an open mind and heart.

Please feel free to contact us about visiting with a Life Group. Life Groups are a gathering of people, just like you, that meet weekly for study and fellowship.