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Our church has adopted a new giving option that may be more convenient for you to use.

Online Giving will enable you to make church contributions using automatic funds transfers from a checking or savings account, or using a credit card.

Online giving can be used for recurring contributions, or for a one-time gift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Giving (Page 2)

Q. How do I change my donation amount, frequency, or bank account information for a recurring donation?

A. Simply make the desired change via the Online Giving link, or print out the "Authorization Form" and provide any updated information or instructions and drop it off at the church office.


Q. Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made a contribution?

A. Your bank or credit card statement will provide you an itemized list of any electronic transactions and your donations will be summarized on your regular giving statements prepared by our church treasurer.


Q. Is Online Giving risky?

A. Online Giving is less risky than check donation. It cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed.


Q. What if I try Online Giving and don't like it or need to change it for any reason?

A. You can cancel or change your authorization by notifying us any time. But, once you've enjoyed the convenience, time and money savings of electronic donation, we doubt you will want to go back to making donations the way you did before.


Q. How much does Online Giving cost?

A. There is no cost to the donor. Life Springs Church pays all fees related to Online Giving.


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