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Our church has adopted a new giving option that may be more convenient for you to use.

Online Giving will enable you to make church contributions using automatic funds transfers from a checking or savings account, or using a credit card.

Online giving can be used for recurring contributions, or for a one-time gift.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Giving (Page 1)

Q. What is Online Giving?

A. Online giving is a direct debit/payment transaction whereby your contribution is deducted electronically from your bank checking or savings account, or credit card.


Q. What are the advantages of Online Giving?

A. It is a simple and convenient way to easily fulfill stewardship commitments and support the ministries of Life Springs Church, even when you can't attend church. It provides not only a secure and convenient option, but allows you to establish a disciplined giving pattern.


Q. How do I sign up for Online Giving?

A. There are two options to choose from:

  • Register online (this is the easiest and preferred method)
  • Download a copy of the "Authorization" form, then complete the form and bring it to the church office.


Q. How is my electronic contribution automatically deducted from my account?

A. Once you authorize the transfer, your specified contribution is electronically transferred directly from your checking, savings account, or credit card to the church's account.


Q. When will my contributions be deducted from my account?

A. Your electronic contribution will be debited on the date you specify online or on your written authorization form.


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