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After School
After School

Life Springs After School "Explosion"

Mission Statement:

Life Springs Church After School Explosion is an organization that provides after school services for students of Pike County, Georgia. This after school program serves children from five to twelve years of age. The services provided by this program are safe and secure, providing the parents with an excellent place where their children can be taken care of.

In addition, this program directly supports the educational program of the school system. Life Springs Church After School Explosion will strive to provide the highest quality childcare and educational service that promotes and enhances each child's development; while assuring our parent's peace of mind in the care and service we render.

Our daily program schedules provide the children with opportunities as they participate in small and large group times, outside play, crafts, and group Bible lesson time. Our programs encourage children's social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth and development and classroom arrangements are developmentally appropriate for each age group that we serve.

Life Springs Afterschool Explosion is open Mon - Fri, 3pm to 6pm.